Who we are

Who we are

Global leadership

Rio Tinto Aluminium is the global leader in the aluminium business. We are one of the world's largest producers of bauxite, alumina and aluminium. Our leadership is reinforced by our:

  • Extensive project pipeline
  • Benchmark smelting technology 
  • Enviable hydropower position

Sustainable development principles guide our actions and decisions. Health, safety and environmental excellence are top priorities.

We are one of five product groups operated by Rio Tinto, a leading international mining group.

Delivering value since 1902

For more than a century, we have been innovating and improving mining and smelting techniques. We continue to develop better ways of looking after the environment and partnering with our community stakeholders.

We maximise shareholder return by:

  • Committing to health, safety and environmental excellence
  • Working with communities to contribute to their economic, environmental and social sustainability
  • Optimise value generated by our existing assets
  • Growing our bauxite, alumina and aluminium portfolio

Aluminium: a modern metal

Aluminium is light, strong, flexible, non-corrosive and infinitely recyclable. Compared to most other metals, less energy is required to manufacture and transport products made from aluminum. This unique metal is used in a broad range of applications for diverse sectors, including transportation, packaging, electrical materials and construction.