Our products

Our products

One of the world's most important metals

We are the global leader in the aluminium industry. We find, mine and process bauxite, alumina and aluminium.

Aluminium is a modern material and relative newcomer to the family of commercial metals. Today it is one of the world's most useful and important metals.

We focus on developing large, long life and cost effective operations with sustained competitive advantage.

A global supplier

Our products are sold in domestic and export markets worldwide. They include:

  • Aluminium ingot - rolling slab (sheet ingot), extrusion billet, forging stock, rod, foundry and remelt ingot as well as specialty products such as Duralcan and other metal matrix composites
  • Smelter grade alumina - used in the smelting process to produce primary aluminium
  • Anodes and cathodes - used in the electrolysis process by which aluminium is extracted from ore
  • AP Technology™ suite - the world's most complete power to product aluminium smelting solution