Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund

IMPORTANT: Please note that all requests for donations must be made via our online form available below in order to optimize processing. Rio Tinto Aluminium will not analyse any request received by e-mail, mail, fax, phone or in person.

Since its inception in 2008, the Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund has invested over $10 million annually in major projects and initiatives to improve the communities where it operates. Among the major investments underway, Pathways to Education, Indspire - an organisation that supports indigenous education, Allô prof, the Rio Tinto Aluminium Research Fellowships Programme, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal and McGill University Health Centre Foundations (including the Montreal's Children Hospital), CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, the Cancer Research Society, the new Rio Tinto Aluminium Planetarium, Centraide, and dozens of other initiatives in Canada.

The Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund is committed to providing support for community-building initiatives which integrate environmental, economic and social considerations, and which meet the needs of the present while safeguarding our legacy for future generations.  We are looking for projects that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, new learning, and inclusion.  We want to fund ideas that have the potential for measurable progress toward local sustainability.

Our priorities are projects whose primary purpose is to:

• Advance sustainable development through education, awareness, training, research and practice as a catalyst for change

• Encourage environmental stewardship, and reduce waste and pollution through recycling and other conservation strategies

• Promote the health and safety of the community through the development of innovative programs or services that benefit its population

• Contribute to the quality of life of our host communities in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, sports (except professional sports organizations), environment, and social capacity.


All proposals for donations or sponsorships are evaluated according to the degree to which they meet some or all of the following criteria:

• Project addresses one or more of the priority areas selected by the Fund: Sustainable development, environmental stewardship, health and safety of the community and the quality of life of our host communities.

• Project demonstrates important, clear and measurable benefits to the community.

• Project promotes a sustainable approach or has clear environmental benefits.

• Project involves multiple partners in planning or doing the work, including financial contributions, in-kind project support and/or technical expertise.

• Project includes broad involvement or benefits reflecting the diversity of the community.

• Organisation demonstrates that it has the mandate, reputation and track record, quality of management and overall resources required to realize the project.

• Organisation demonstrates financial accountability and strong financial management skills.

Review process

All requests are directed to our staff for review.  If we are able to proceed with your application for a grant, we will contact you.

• Requests $50,000 and under: the review process can take at least four to six weeks.

• Requests over $50,000: the review process can take at least twelve to sixteen weeks. The review process may also include a meeting, site visit and/or community references.  Final proposals will then be forwarded to the Rio Tinto Aluminium Fund Grants Committee for review and may be presented to the Board of Directors for final decision.

Size and duration of grants

• At the end of any project or agreement of more than two years and $100,000, a hiatus of up to five years will normally be required before a request for additional funding for similar purposes will be considered.

• A typical single year grant will range from $10,000 to $75,000.

What we don't fund

• Projects outside of Canada

• Individuals, other than applicants for Rio Tinto Aluminium scholarships

• Religious organisations

• Organisations or programs that make distinctions with respect to race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation

• Educational institutions that are not part of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools or the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

• Political or governmental organisations. or a
ctivities or attempts to influence specific legislation

• Website development or production of videos or films except where related to a funded project

• Professional sports organisations

• Professional associations or business conferences
Additional exclusions for charitable donations

• In the case of a request for donation, we will only consider funding for organisations that are registered with the government as a charitable organisation or as a not-for-profit institution.

How to apply

To submit a request for financial support, please fill-out the online application form.

All requests for donations must be made via our online form so as to optimize processing. Rio Tinto Aluminium will not analyse any request received by e-mail, mail, fax, phone or in person. 

Main programmes supported by the Fund

Rio Tinto Aluminium matching gift programme (for Rio Tinto Aluminium employees and retirees only)

Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

• Festival international de jazz de Montreal

Allô prof

Pathways to Education




For inquiries, please contact: