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We are a fully integrated primary aluminium producer, supplying bauxite, alumina and aluminium. The bauxite we produce feeds our alumina refineries. Most of our refineries' output goes to our smelters. The balance is placed in the traded alumina market.

Our smelters supply diverse downstream manufacturing customers with primary aluminium. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs. We constantly seek to improve our product quality and delivery performance. We also continue to initiate projects that deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Partnering with our suppliers

We source a diverse range of goods, materials and services to sustain our operations. That is why safe, efficient and innovative suppliers and contractors play a critical role in our success.

Rio Tinto Aluminium is currently undergoing a business transformation programme entailing the implementation of Rio Tinto's global integrated management system called the Business Solution, which is based on the SAP suite of applications and related processes.

This business transformation will affect the way we deal with our suppliers in general. The deployment of the Business Solution will be conducted in a phased-approach, with a series of deployments across Rio Tinto Aluminium global operations that will span the next two years.

  • The first deployment occurred in October 2011 for Rio Tinto Aluminium corporate functions (located in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada).
  • The second deployment will take place on September 4 2012 for the following business units: Grande-Baie and Laterrière works; Port facilities, Roberval-Saguenay railroads; administrative services including (Services régionaux Saguenay and Services financiers Saguenay); Ingénierie Québec & Gestion des Entrepreneurs; sales offices of Rio Tinto Aluminium Primary Metal in North America.
  • Other North American Rio Tinto Aluminium facilities will get access to the Business Solution before the end of 2013.

If you are offering services to plants or business entities of Rio Tinto Aluminium that are not part of the September deployment, you should continue to follow the same existing processes in your dealings with these entities, until further notice.

We are committed to ensuring that this transformation is completed with minimal impacts to our business partners and suppliers. Should you have any questions or concerns, please read our RTBS fact sheet for an overview of the changes that are likely to affect suppliers servicing our business units in the second deployment, or get in touch with your Rio Tinto Procurement contact.

Rio Tinto Procurement

Our procurement activities are coordinated through Rio Tinto Procurement. This ensures a fair evaluation and selection process is applied consistently to all prospective suppliers.

Rio Tinto Procurement's systems are based on appropriate methods of competition among qualified suppliers of goods and services. They also ensure the intellectual property of suppliers is protected.

Suppliers are chosen on the basis of:

  • Ability to meet our stated needs and required standards
  • Health, safety and environmental considerations
  • Quality and service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical capabilities
  • Consistency with our values

We encourage you to visit and register on the Rio Tinto Procurement website. You will find pertinent information relating to the supply of goods, materials and services to us.