Our aluminium products include rolling slab (sheet ingot), extrusion billet, forging stock, rod, foundry and remelt ingot, as well as specialty products such as busbar electrical conductors, Duralcan and other metal matrix composites.

We also sell smelter anodes, cathodes and aluminium fluoride. We provide leading technology solutions for aluminium smelting and technical services for processing our aluminium products.

Rio Tinto Aluminium has the world's largest share of first quartile aluminium production capacity. Our largest concentration of smelting assets is located in Canada (eight smelters), along with smelters in Australia, New Zealand, France, the UK, the US, Cameroon, Iceland, Oman and Norway.

Rio Tinto Aluminium owns 13 power stations with an annual capacity of over 6,100 megawatts. This meets about half of our electricity needs, a proportion well above the industry average. Our long‑term power purchase contracts account for a further 46 per cent of our electricity supply.