Wherever we operate, we strive to ensure that our activities benefit society as a whole. We seek to accommodate our neighbours' different cultures, lifestyles, customs and preferences. We are guided by the principles laid out in Rio Tinto's community policy.

We have learned that mutual trust grows through:

  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Active local and regional partnerships
  • Long term commitment to sustainability

Community programmes

Through our community programmes, we seek to achieve shared objectives that benefit both our communities and our business. We look for programmes that can make a sustainable difference without creating dependency. Our goal is to raise socio-economic standards in a lasting manner.

Our programmes help:

  • Support local business growth
  • Build infrastructure
  • Boost training and skill levels
  • Improve public health and education
  • Safeguard the environment and biodiversity

Community consultation

Ongoing consultation with our neighbours enables us to understand and respond to changing circumstances and concerns. It allows us to maximise the benefits that flow from our business to our surrounding communities. Feedback from local communities also plays an important role in our decision making.
Our mutually accepted and understood community consultation procedures are transparent, culturally appropriate and publicly verifiable. We ensure that:

  • We keep communities fully informed of our activities and the possible effects
  • Two way discussions cover community issues and priorities, as well as the needs of our business
  • Boost training and skill levels
  • A full record is kept of all formal and informal meetings