Next generation technologies

Our AP Technology™ platform is the world's cleanest aluminium production technology. We are committed to its continuous improvement and to developing a greener, more efficient aluminium production process.

Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate emissions, and dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Approximately 7,500 AP series cells are already in operation worldwide, representing some six million tonnes of installed capacity. In comparison to other smelting technology, our AP Technlogy™ platform leads in terms of:

  • Highest installed capacity worldwide
  • Lowest greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lowest full economic cost
  • Highest productivity

Our technology initiatives

AP3X: Rio Tinto Aluminium's proprietary AP3X smelting technology is the aluminium industry leader in terms of energy efficiency and low emissions. We are continually investing to improve the performance of our already highly successful AP platform and work towards the arrival of the next generations of AP Technology™.

AP60: This is the latest generation of the our benchmark AP Technology™ and the first phase of our AP60 plant in Quebec, Canada is expected to provide metal output per pot at the plant at levels 40 per cent higher than at existing smelters. The first phase of the AP60 plant will have 38 pots and an annual production capacity of 60,000 tonnes of aluminium by 2013.