30 September 2008

Rio Tinto Alcan successfully completes rehabilitation of Pramont industrial residue disposal site

Rio Tinto Alcan has successfully completed its rehabilitation of the Pramont industrial residue disposal site in the Valais region, which is now integrated into a regional framework for environmental protection on the left bank of the Rhône River between Sierre and Granges, Switzerland.
"This rehabilitation is the outcome of eight years of hard work and regional collaboration, of which we are very proud to have been a part" said François Veuthey, Rio Tinto Alcan's director of the Valais industrial rehabilitation and redeployment project. "This project is also a concrete example of our company's commitment to sustainable development."

Pramont was formerly used as an aluminium industry disposal site, with residual material from electrolytic cells being stored there for a number of years. Controls now show a substantial overall improvement in the quality of downstream groundwater and that new ecosystems are developing on the Pramont site.

The project involved collaboration between Rio Tinto Alcan and local, cantonal and federal authorities as well as Greenpeace and WWF, global conservation organisations.
The rehabilitation project included three other regional landfills in addition to environmental work at the Pramont site and cost approximately 20 million Swiss francs (€12.5 million or US$18.25 million).

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